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What’s the Difference Between a Book-keeper, an Accountant and a Finance Director?

A Book-Keeper

takes care of basic data input processing to produce your annual Financial Accounts for the Tax Man in a set format. They do not help you run your business.

An Accountant

produces regular (usually monthly) reports and figures from the basic data processed by the book-keeper. These reports can help you interpret trends and projected future outcomes.

A Finance Director

interprets your business finances, makes recommendations, helps formulate strategy and implement improvements and guides both the business owner and the business towards the financial goals they wish to achieve. They ensure you have the foundation for the future through good systems, processes and appropriate funding.


The beauty of partnering with Chandler Solutions is that you receive all three elements packaged conveniently for you in a tailored solution depending on the needs of your business, ranging from a completely outsourced financial service to supporting your existing in-house team.