Typical Clients

Typical Clients

Chandler Solutions is instrumental in helping business owners achieve a successful transition through the adolescence phase to a mature and productive business. The business owners must have an open mind-set, be driven by a burning ambition for growth and development and have great aspirations for their business.

Most businesses fit into one of three stages:


The business is very dependent on the owners and founders ‘doing’ everything. Nothing much happens without their input and if they retire, the business will usually cease. Many businesses, through choice, never move from this phase.


This is often a difficult phase for the business owner, as they step back from the daily ‘doing’ tasks and concentrate their efforts on building and managing a team to take on the responsibility for the ‘detail’.


The business is very self-sufficient and has robust systems and processes for its smooth running without the need for input from the business owner. The business owner may, if they wish, withdraw from the business.