Working Capital Assistance

Business Partners, not a Bank

Few new business are profitable in the infancy stage of business, and a lack of working capital and understanding of cash flow management can leave a small to medium business stagnant.

Many small to medium businesses are unable to tender for larger projects due to lack of working capital. Labour costs can be the greatest of these costs, and while your business has the capacity to complete these larger projects, you may be unable to pay for the workers to complete the project.

Chandler Solutions backs these businesses with more than just financial support. We take care of all labour costs (even yours!) as well as payroll processes so you receive a consolidated invoice that’s payable when you are paid.

What is Working Capital?

Your working capital is a measure of your company’s operational efficiency, and signals its short-term financial health. The calculated working capital ratio describes an oganisation’s ability to cover its short term debts and operation expenses with short term liquid assets. These expenses may include machinery, materials and business services.

The Cost of Labour

In many industries, the greatest proportion of working capital is expended on labour; on average, people power accounts for one third of the total expense of your endeavour. Labour costs can impinge on your budget for other operational costs, and having limited capacity to afford these expenses restricts your business’ ability to compete with larger players, hindering the growth of your business.

At Chandler Solutions, we do more than offer you financial support for your labour costs. By taking advantage of our payroll management services, you have access to our experienced team who will perform your entire payroll processes, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business. Our approved partners can take advantage of negotiable terms.

Chandler Solutions business partners may also consider our financial processes outsourcing to good management of working capital assistance they receive. Take advantage of our financial support team who can not only manage accounts payable, but communicate with debtors, for better credit control and ensuring healthy cash flow.

Learn more about our services with a case study from Rob in Sale, Victoria.


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